The Praise of the Storage Room (the falling sky)

«The market of the sun is entered in the room, and the room in the humming head».  

(Tristan Tzara, Où boivent les loups)

The Falling Sky

[ENG below]

The falling sky è una gouache su tela formata durante un’azione privata The praise of the storage room effettuata nel 2016. Ciò consisteva nel dipingere un cielo nel soffitto di una sgabuzzino tramite pennellate gestuali servendosi di pennelli-protesi e colore blu molto diluito. “La tela era ai miei piedi, ha accolto le impronte del mio corpo e gli sgocciolamenti che si sono trasferiti automaticamente sotto i miei piedi”. La tela viene poi slegata dal piccolo spazio architettonico e resa modulo libero, nonostante mantenga il perimetro dello sgabuzzino.


The falling sky is gouache on canvas and is a fragment that derives from an action done into a storage room.

The canvas layed under my feet during the action, and it received all the dropped color and blue stains passed also through my body. This canvas has undoubtedly the restriction of the storage room since it has its perimeter, but at the same time it became a free module emancipated from its mere original function.

The action has been recorded through a video, in which color started to drop over my face and my body, like rain. This is how I became part of the space. I barely reached the height of the ceiling with the lenght of the two brushes that were slipping down. The sounds of the video are various crumpled objects I recorded inside the room when it was still full of objects, before the performance. I wanted the presence of the objects to remain in the empty space.

Portrait de … Francesca Mussi